Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bowled a Googley

Well we opened registration for the November Mobile Monday London group and it filled up almost during a blink. It is interesting running an interest group where you get some active members that learn all about the tools and get stuck in and make the best of things. On the other hand you get people that dont pay attention (too busy no doubt) and we get loads of complaints from people that they receive too many messages from the group ... without checking how they set up their membership in the first place. Never mind, I guess this comes when the group of people expands rapidly.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Mobile Monday London November

Well, another mobile is on the way and this time it is our 1st birthday and we will be holding it on the 6th of November at Google's UK headquarters.

For some mad reason I took it upon myself to organise this particular event and will host the evening. Luckily my credibility has been given a boost by getting on board 4 great speakers from the blogsphere. We are also going to 'big ourselves up' and cover what we have been doing as a group and how it relates to the whole global setup of Mobile Mondays. Plus we are going to have a vote (a simple SMS one) which I have set up here at Telecom Express.

Well I have a few weeks now to get my presentation together and work out what on earth I am going to say in front of around 150 people with a Camera pointing at me. The last 2 times I tried this I think I scored quite highly on the um-ometer. I plan to do a better job this time :)

Mobile Monday London now has over 1200 members and we have been running some very popular events hosted by many of the most important companies in mobile and IT at the moment. We have had some great complements from people from other groups regarding how well setup we are and how we go about organising the events. This tends to help that the UK is buzzing right now in the mobile arena and that we get a good level of attendence which makes people want to host our events. I will be glad for a rest after Novembers event though :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wild mobile apps

Just spotted an article on TelecomAsia, Tom Hume has also spotted this one. Interesting thing is number 3 ... a ghost detector. Now at Telecom Express and before that at Broadsystem I set up the mobile services for shows such as Most Haunted Live and Ghost Towns Live and I must say I wonder how this actually works. On Most Haunted they walk around with various boxes of electronics checking for temperature and so on. So does this mean you have to plug something into your phone? Anyway its a great arcticle.