Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mobile Monday Global Peer Award Winners

Well I have just had a trawl of the net to see who the winners of the Mobile Monday Global Peer Awards 2007 were are they are as follows (I believe the event will be available in podcast quite soon) ...

The MoMo Jury Award: Realeyes3D (Mobile Monday Paris)
The MoMo Audience Award: Plazes (Mobile Monday Geneva)
The MoMo Chapter Award: Mobile Complete (Mobile Monday Silicon Valley)

Huge congratulations to all the winners and everyone that got through to the finals in Barcelona this year.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Off to pastures new

Well it has finally happened, I have decided that I need a new challenge and will be leaving Telecom Express in early March for pastures new. It seems to be a really good time to get into a innovative company in the mobile/web space in London right now. I have decided to work for Ymogen on a social networking platform (more on that when I have made the transition) and I am excited at the aspect of driving their products, a lot of trust is being placed in me, but thats great and a challenge I think I really need right now. This means I wont be leaving the media/mobile space just taking a leap into another area of it.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mobile Monday Global Peer Awards

The finalists for the Mobile Monday Global Peer awards are now up on MoMo Barcelona's web site. Good luck too everyone involved and especially to Reporo which is London's entry into the competition. Its a little like a Eurovision type of contest so lets see if people follow a similar pattern to geographical voting :)