Thursday, March 27, 2008

MoMoLondon April 7th 'Mobile UI'

Quick post today, the registration for the April MoMoLondon event is now open. This month the theme is around Mobile UI, planning through to implementation and is kindly sponsored by our friends at Taptu.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

MoMoLondon website

If you wonder what I have been up to in recent weeks, I am getting close to finishing the new web site for the Mobile Monday London community. Yes in the near future we will be moving from the Yahoo group and Blogger mess we have used for the past 2 or so years. The idea has been to bring together the forum, messaging, blog, events management and events registration system. Of course there are many features we havent yet got around to, but will do over the coming year, such as the obvious and obligartory mobile site and integration with some more interesting social applications to help promote and share knowledge within the community.

We are now looking for hosts for the site from the mobile industry, its a simple setup so we shouldnt need anything particular special regards the platform although we will be sending out a lot of emails from the platform as part of the forum and event reminders.

Registration for Over The Air is now open

Click on the banner to go to the registration page for the over the air event on the 4-5th April. Registration is totally FREE and the event will run over night and all food and drink will be free for everyone that attends.

Over the Air is a special event being organised by Mobile Monday London, hosted by Imperial College and supported by the BBC. 48 hours of mobile and wireless development by and for the leading lights in the industry.