Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Tablets discussion brings in the crowds for MoMoLondon March

Here is a quick round up of the March 2011 Mobile Monday Event themed 'Keep taking the tablets' ...

  • Theme
    • ‘Keep taking the tablets’
  • Who was there
    • Big turn out, must have been 230ish
    • Usual MoMoLondon mix of entrepreneurs, creatives, app companies, product managers, C level execs, VCs, journalists and so on
    • Kindly sponsored by Sky
    • Tablets seen around Playbook and Motorola Xoom … both rather nice devices, no iPad 2s as far as I could see, lots of 'old' iPads though
  • The hosts and panel
    • Jo Rabin – Host from MoMoLondon
    • Leila Makki, panel chair, TelecomTV
    • David Gibbs, Director of Mobile Applications and Services – BskyB
    • Matt Pollitt, Account Director – UsTwo
    • Rimma Perelmuter, Executive Director - Mobile Entertainment Forum
    • David Roth-Ey, Group Digital Director - Harper Collins
    • Mark Payton, Editorial Director - Haymarket Consumer Media
  • Coverage (so far)
  • Response
    • Lots of buzz during and after the panel
    • Worries about proecting copyrighted content
    • Interesting lack of visibility or clarity on how important HTML5 and Mobile Web is in the content space