Monday, June 25, 2007

Chinwag Live 5th July

Chinwag's Big Summer '07 Networking party - 5th July 2007 @ Imperial College, LondonIf you are in London on the 5th of July and would like to get together with a large chunk of the London New Media scene then register yourself with the Chinwag Live event and get yourself along to Imperial College on the night. See you there.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mobile Entertainment Magazine meetup

On thursday night (21st June 07) I went along to the Mobile Entertainment Magazine Meetup event in Soho. They were celebrating the launch of a mobile version of Rough Guides for Samsung phones. Although the idea sounded interesting, I found this a very tedius event as nobody from either Samsung or Rough Guides really seemed to come around and introduce anything or anyone and speak about Rough Guides. I found a couple of guys from Creativity Software there who were my only guide to what was happening being that they had built the actual application, which incidently is very interesting. It basically seemed like a lot of business execs there to drink (or get drunk) and talk to head hunters (of which I bumped into many). The event left me feeling a little cold and wondering what use it really was to the sponsors of the event. Anyway, I bumped into a few people I knew and got into an interesting chat with some folks from M:Metrics so it wasnt all a waste of time.

Identity, privacy and security

I think the recent trend in Web 2.0 social networking communities and the way that mobile services are now being widely used the industry is starting to sound louder about issues regarding personal identity, privacy and security. I am not the best person to talk about this, only that recent events I have attended these have been some of the top most debated points and worries that people have. Is it enough to say the kind of arguments such as 'If you havent got anything to hide you have nothing to worry about'? You hear people say this a lot when the debate is about the possible introduction of UK citizen identity cards. However, when you talk to people in the know, you start to realise that identity theft can actually be a convenient way of not so honest people to do what they like under your name with no or little way to trace who they are are, laying blame at the doorstep of the innocent. So how do you protect your identity and keep what really matters private? Most people on the internet have a tendency to use the same password for all of their logins, this is very dangerous. With the rise in usage of things like internet banking, online purchases, election voting, blogs and so on, ID theft and the tracability of activity on the web brings around some disturbing possibilities. As Product Manager at Ymogen, we are building a collaborative tool to build rich media stories, and we will have to be very careful when we think about how we can protect identity. We also need to think about moderation to protect people such as children when it comes to the content people will put into stories. The internet is said to support the concept of Liberalism, but the community at the moment on the internet seem to fail to understand the responsibilities required to protect and secure people, their privacy and security. If you have some links to good places to find deeper information on this subject please add a comment.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Web 2.0 at the Dana Centre

On Wednesday night, I went along to the Dana Centre to attend the Web 2.0 discussions there. It was an interesting evening with the following speakers lined up for a quick intro and then group discussions around things like identity, preferred social networks, mobile, security and so on. All interesting stuff, including the chat in the pub afterwards. At this point in time I think there are a number of really interesting trends in computing. The Mobile and Web2.0 trends have a lot in common about how people communicate, collaborate and organise to meet up. Naturally this is all open to abuse, and I am starting to hear people talk about identity a lot more now than say 2 years ago ... probably about time as well. A lot of people are concerned how this affects the young using all of these tools today and how they interact with each other in more tranditional social environments such as school. On the other hand, I hear a lot of people talk about the social networking trend being a great leveller and remover of nationalist boundaries, perhaps a bit of a hippy ideals is required :)

Anyway, the speaker lineup was ...
  • Gareth Mitchell - BBC World service 'Digital Planet' presenter
  • George Hadjigeorgiou - General Manager, communications and community projects, Yahoo Europe
  • Aleks Krotoski - Technology Columnist, The Guardian; researcher, University of Surrey
  • Tim Malbon - Creative Director, Interesource
  • Alison Wheeler - CEO of Wikimedia UK, Wikimedia Foundation
There is an interesting cross over where people think about the new 'trend' in social networks to be a web phenomena, however I believe this started back with the boom of mobile phones back around 7-10 years ago. I still think people keep their closest friends on their mobile, maybe on their social networking site, but they tend to use Web 2.0 sites to reach out a little further to find new and interesting people/friends/colleagues. I got my current job through LinkedIn which to me at least makes me believe this isnt all just a fad!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Podcast now available for June MoMoLondon

Quick article today, the podcast is now available for the June Mobile Monday London, to be found at our podcast site (sponsored by Clarity Capital).

Monday, June 18, 2007

24 hours of Flickr in London

So tonight on the way home I decided to drop into the 24 Hours of Flickr to see what was happening and what Flickr were promoting. There were quite a few people who turned up, Flickr put on wine and a few snacks and the space seemed to be set up for networking. You could wander around the 'How We Are' exhibition at the Tate as well which was interesting for look at historical photographs which is a nice tie-in with the evening. I didnt really get much in the way of photos from Flickr, there were a couple of screens showing photos around the globe that day but it wasnt that well presented and it didnt grab attention as it should have. I wonder what Flickr got out of the evening except just a good way to meet their community. However it is nice to go along to something different and it is a nice venue (and on the way home). I took a few photos, on Flick naturally ... take a look.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chinwag Live

If you havent got anything to do on July 5th, I cant think of anything better from a professional networking point of view than joining everyone at the Chinwag Summer Party for a drink or two and a BBQ. Lots happening there, check out the Chinwag site.

June MoMoLondon

Well Mobile Monday London seemed to go OK on Monday, but the turn out was less than impressive and I feel the need to ask the question ... 'What does it take to get people to actually come along when they have registered a few days before?'. Its a little puzzling why people say that they can attend one day and then just not turn up or have the courtesy to mention it to anyone. This is a community of people in the mobile field in London and I think it is time to start laying some rules that people that dont turn up should give something back into the community. Anyway, to stop this being a really negative article, huge thanks to Symbian for sponsoring the event and the speakers that came along to give a really interesting coverage of what is happening in the more graphical end of the mobile ... interesting stuff. Podcasts will be available soon for those who couldnt register and those that couldnt be bothered to turn up!

Friday, June 08, 2007

MoMoLondon June fast approaching

Blimey a month goes quickly, doesnt feel that long since the May event, due to time pressures we keep missing the first monday of the month (which is sort of what we aim for). So this month it is all about Mobile Games and Multimedia with some interesting names lined up. I think there are a few spare places left so pop over to our yahoo group and come along on Monday the 11th.

Will the mobile community be at the Chinwag summer part

Chinwag have announced they are holding a Summer Party in July to bring together the New Media world for drinks and BBQ. I hope there will also be people from the mobile fraternity to make up the numbers. I certainly will be there ... for pure social reasons naturally.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

London Wiki Wednesdays

Last night I went along for the first time to London Wiki Wednesday and found it very interesting. A good group of Wiki veterans and real users turned up (around 50) and debated about general social and community uses of the Wiki tool (probably true about all community tools). However it did go on for way too long and I didnt really get to meet anyone and left around 10ish just to get home. It is well worth going to if you are a Wiki nut or interested in how Wiki's can be used by communities.