Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view ... oh hell work to do!

Well at work we have finally moved into the main Telecom Express offices on the Albert Embankment opposite The Houses of Parliment. The picture alongside is an actual shot from my mobile phone out of the office window directly behind my desk. Not bad eh?

The main story is that Telecom Express bought out the media division of Broadsystem (where I was working) along with Greenland Interactive and is now working to merge the whole group into a major player in the interactive media circuit. The company provides services such as IVR, SMS, Web and so on, one of my goals of the Mobile Monday London interest group is to perform a bit of R&D both for myself and the company to find out who is doing what in the industry. There is a lot changing at the moment, with the up and coming .mobi initiative along with the mobile web initiative in the W3C.