Thursday, November 10, 2005

TV on your mobile ...

Well now TV on your mobile is becoming a reality, what does this really mean, who is going to use it and are there any implications?

Well first lets think about this, 3G coverage in the UK at the moment is mainly based around major urban areas ... so could you sit on a train and watch TV on your mobile ... perhaps not as we speak.

Who is likely to watch TV this way ... people that like technology and spend lots of time away from home maybe. Why would they go for a device with streaming TV above say a portable DVD/Media player? Typically you only want to fill about an hour with these devices, you arent going to want to watch a whole movie on such a diddy screen are you?

The implications are not very clear at the moment, I have heard that you might be fined for not having a TV license is one. Although if my memory is right I think if you have a TV license for your house, this covers any portable TVs you own that run only on battery ... no doubt a grey area. How much is this all going to cost, if you want TV at a resolution that is watchable for more than 5 minutes this is going to take up bandwidth and use your batteries up like there is no tomorrow.

I believe I need a convincing demo to show me how good this is, or at least will be one day to see if TV to your phone means more than news, sports clips and adverts. Normally I am not sceptical about these things, but sometimes you believe we are trying to cram too much technology into phones too quickly just as everyone was starting to get to grips with SMS and taking the odd picture.