Thursday, June 14, 2007

June MoMoLondon

Well Mobile Monday London seemed to go OK on Monday, but the turn out was less than impressive and I feel the need to ask the question ... 'What does it take to get people to actually come along when they have registered a few days before?'. Its a little puzzling why people say that they can attend one day and then just not turn up or have the courtesy to mention it to anyone. This is a community of people in the mobile field in London and I think it is time to start laying some rules that people that dont turn up should give something back into the community. Anyway, to stop this being a really negative article, huge thanks to Symbian for sponsoring the event and the speakers that came along to give a really interesting coverage of what is happening in the more graphical end of the mobile ... interesting stuff. Podcasts will be available soon for those who couldnt register and those that couldnt be bothered to turn up!