Monday, June 18, 2007

24 hours of Flickr in London

So tonight on the way home I decided to drop into the 24 Hours of Flickr to see what was happening and what Flickr were promoting. There were quite a few people who turned up, Flickr put on wine and a few snacks and the space seemed to be set up for networking. You could wander around the 'How We Are' exhibition at the Tate as well which was interesting for look at historical photographs which is a nice tie-in with the evening. I didnt really get much in the way of photos from Flickr, there were a couple of screens showing photos around the globe that day but it wasnt that well presented and it didnt grab attention as it should have. I wonder what Flickr got out of the evening except just a good way to meet their community. However it is nice to go along to something different and it is a nice venue (and on the way home). I took a few photos, on Flick naturally ... take a look.